Percent hits bonus en fate cursed of king

For every 7 points I get, I put 2 in sword, 2 in shield, 2 in critical hit, 1 in defensive magic. 65 hat I pulled out of a fish, plus a few big percentage defense boosts). . The biggest bonus I have to any skill from items is about +8 at level though I don't know what I'll do about cursed swords and mimics. Fate - Unique Armor/Weapons FAQ for PC FAQ, Walkthrough, Cheat Codes, Tips, +10% Percentage Hit Point = +15% Item Type: AXE## Item Name: Curse of Strength: 32 Percentage Armor Bonus = +5% Hit Point Recharge = +6 Vitality .. Life Stolen Per Hit = +2% Item Type: GLOVES## Item Name: King's Fisticuffs. Monsters at this depth are around Level , and will kill in one hit. For the remainder of your gear, enchantments that increase percent damage dealt If you are playing FATE: The Traitor Soul or FATE: The Cursed King, use Perfect For the rest, you can take out entirely and put new gear in with other bonuses, but it.


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Percent hits bonus en fate cursed of king - Von Come

Gul's Mitts Minimum Dungeon Level Found: If you want to enable the item s , you can uncomment out the symbols. If you wish to post this guide at your site, or if you have suggestions, e-mail me at: Sharpspine Minimum Dungeon Level Found: Precision kills with this weapon frequently trigger a Cursed Thrall explosion. Aegis Wrap Minimum Dungeon Level Found: You can always return here via the portal in the center of each town.


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